Visit to 3.12 Café


A place full of hope!

Accompanied by Rev. Fr. Mario Biffi, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Apostolic Nunciature, His Excellency Mgr. Eugene Nugent visited Café 3.12, located on the second level of Dalal complex, in Salmiya. This café was opened thanks to the visionary idea of Mr. Tariq Abdeen and Mr. George Khoury. The café is run by a group of young people with special needs who, in this way, have the opportunity to develop and express their abilities and skills, to experience daily contact with customers and colleagues, and to contribute to their own livelihoods. During the visit, the Apostolic Nuncio could experience firsthand the ability of these young people in running the place, as well as their friendliness, kindness, and generosity. The Café takes its name from the date on which the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated, on 3 December each year. This project, the first of this kind in Kuwait and the Gulf countries, promotes the social inclusion of people with special needs and fosters a culture of respect, proximity, and solidarity. A wonderful initiative, to be encouraged and supported!