Confirmation at Military Base    IT NCC AIR KUWAIT


"You will have strength from the Holy Spirit who will come upon you... you will be my witnesses... to the ends of the earth" (Acts 1,8)

On September 18, 2023, at the Italian National Contingent Command (IT NCC) Air and Task Force Air Kuwait, 8 soldiers from the Italian contingent and one soldier from the American contingent received the Sacrament of Confirmation from His Grace Msgr. Eugene M. Nugent, Apostolic Nuncio, who during the homily exhorted the candidates to be missionary witnesses of the love of God, leaving room for the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives:

"Being a witness of Christ to the ends of the world, with the strength and light that come from the gift of his Spirit. This mission is entrusted to you today, since, in a particular way today you will receive the gift of the Spirit of God... If you leave space within you for the work of the Spirit, he will always push you further: one step at a time, towards a constantly new life, until reaching what Saint Paul declares as "the measure of the fullness of Christ" (Eph 4:13). We understand how much difference a man and a woman - even a single person - who lives righteously, loving God and their brothers, can make to the world. We are all given this possibility: we can all reach new heights with the strength and light that the Spirit of God constantly gives us."

Rev. Pavlin Preka, military chaplain, was present at the celebration. He had accompanied the candidates during this period in their journey of spiritual formation. Likewise, Colonel Tommaso Tuccillo, the Contingent Commander, was present. Everyone appreciated his warm hospitality as well as his fraternal and cordial manner.