Rome Call for A.I. Ethics


The Pope received at the Vatican the signatories of the 'Rome Call' document on the ethical use of artificial intelligence. Delegations from Muslim countries were also present, for a shared approach to the non-discriminatory use of technology.

"Life cannot be decided by an algorithm, ethics and respect are needed", Pope Francis reminded us today, receiving in audience the signatories of the "Rome Call for A.I. Ethics". 

The original document was signed, in February 2020, by the Pontifical Academy for Life, Microsoft, IBM, FAO and the Italian Ministry of Innovation to promote an ethical approach to artificial intelligence. Three years later, its signatories were received in audience by Pope Francis in the Vatican. Among the delegations present were also representatives of the Islamic and Jewish worlds. The "Rome Call", in fact, aims to involve the world's other major religions to create a cultural movement for greater awareness on the subject, so that the problems and challenges related to the ethical dimension of new technologies may become more present in the public debate.

"We are all aware of how artificial intelligence is increasingly present in every aspect of daily life, both personal and social. It affects the way we understand the world and ourselves. Innovation in this field means that these tools are increasingly decisive in human activity and even compelling in human decision-making", the Pope said. "We must therefore be vigilant and work to ensure that the discriminatory use of these instruments does not take root at the expense of the most fragile and excluded".

The meeting with Pope Francis was an opportunity to emphasise how necessary it is to foster a sense of shared responsibility among international bodies, state governments and private companies to ensure a future in which digital innovation places human dignity and respect as its central perspective.